Expensive mistakes/lessons in sportfucking

I met my best friend because of one. I guess there’s a weight in lessons learned.. in the price of doing things against the grain… in spending cash one doesn’t have on…

This is ridiculous. Enter someone who I was happy to let exit stage left over a year ago. Someone I sacrificed time, money and heart into. Someone who when it comes down to it.. was just a boring booty call.

People wonder why my standards are so high. Because for some reason, when I give the average joe a chance… I get proven right in why I never should have.

Text messages about money that should have been paid back make me remember all the investing that I did back then… that I have every right of being pissed about after throwing 2 grand plus down the tubes for.. yeah, more drama.

I’m fairly confident that being an intelligent attractive awesome female I should not have to pay for someone’s company. If I did, believe me.. they’d be a lot more stunning and debonaire than that loser ever was. Even with the hair transplants.

Dear cheap men, stay away from me. I don’t care if you don’t have money or not. I generally date a collection of artists.. and being one, I honestly value more important things. But, especially if you have it, and then get the one chance you ever have with a girl like me, don’t blow it.

It’s a pretty expensive place.. if I take you, I’m going to expect sex…

And I’m immensely attracted to the dark humor of a man bold enough to make a statement like that. Even if at the heart, we both know.. that it’s not completely true. The follow through is what makes it… makes him even more so of a man and not just a stupid boy.

Pussies like the douchebag I’m referring to though.. people undeserving of any vagina other than their own mangina… you’re preposterous twits! This is why even in a jam, I will never take any help financially from a man I date. I’ve done it before and gotten fucked over time and time in the past. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

If it ended like it did, there was a reason. Damn me for giving people second chances when they really weren’t even worth the first one.

No more expensive mistakes.
So glad that shit is over. Now back to work at working towards things.. people.. dreams.. actually worthwhile.

Ps- for those of you singing the hypocrisy song right now? Go look in a mirror and stfu.


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