tick tick

After an amazing mini holiday, this place seems to make my skin crawl a bit more than the usual. I think.. I’ve finally gotten to that mark. You know, when you work your ass off and have a goal in mind, and are so close you can taste it but just not there yet? Yeah.. that retched feeling where you just want to jump out of your skin and press fast forward.

Suburbia never felt so toxic as it does now. I can’t wait to get the hell out of here.

Number of people that I’ve essentially told to go suck a fuck since I’ve been back?

3 and counting.

I really don’t like having to be a bitch. (Ahem!) But sometimes.. wow people, shut the fuck up and leave me alone. It’s not a pms thing. It’s not something you will likely understand if you’re.. well…

When I was in town, I had a discussion late one night over coffee. I’m better than what I have. It’s not pompous to think more of oneself than to have menial jobs a monkey could do. That’s nothing against monkeys either… code monkeys are actually pretty hot come to think of it…. mmm codies.

The people at my current jobs.. specifically my evening job.. are lifers. They are unhappy lifers in dead end jobs. It’s just a fact. I look in the mirror when I’m in my uniform.. and want to scream. I do not want to be wearing this in 2-5+ years. Hell, I don’t want to wear it a year if I can avoid it.

Couple that with people on my case that I’m not working hard enough for what little I have.. knowing fully well most of what I’m doing.. sacrificing things in order to take care of priorities, etc, and still not calling me responsible… and then giving me drama because…

Yeah. So… um…

How about those Lakers?

I want some Chinese damnit.


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