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This will be the first of a few blogs related in sex and the city postoff.

I’ve been seeing people write about it lately due to the new movie out. I don’t even regularly watch Sex and the City. But when I moved in and I was stuck without the internet, I did watch some of it. And the rare instances that I do watch television, I don’t exactly stop it when the DVR pops on to record it.

I was reading a blog from the wonderful Slackmistress, when I saw the following comment about the show:

Regarding SATC, I love it. It may be my favorite show ever. But I do agree with you on some points. Mainly because I HATE CARRIE. Hate her. But I loved Charlotte and Miranda and their storylines.

Now, like I said, I’m not a die hard fan of the series, but I do rather enjoy it. And out of all the characters in it, I do think that Carrie is the most like me.. well with a bunch of Samantha.

For the most part, while the stories of the other women were interesting to an extend.. it was obvious since that show’s birth that they were essentially filler characters. Their stories were not very interesting… they were essentially over hyped stereotypical viewpoints of what a “modern” woman is or should be. And sadly, the reason a lot of women can relate to them, is because that’s how shallow it’s become. Dating is a farce. Sex is taken for granted. I say this, and yet I talk about sportfucking… as I said, I know there’s a bit of Samantha in me.

Granted, I hate Carrie’s sense of style.. some of her outfit choices are absolutely hideous, which perhaps is why her string of lovers is as poor as it is… or maybe it’s a New York thing. Heh, I’m not sure and I’m not going to label it completely as that.

I think that part of why most women seem to hate Carrie, is that deep down.. there’s probably some of her in each of us. I think that’s the reason most women can relate to the show, and why its been such a huge success. Yes, you hate that shes nerotic, narsassistic and indecisive. You don’t like the games she plays. You think shes naive and a hopeless romantic. But that really is every woman that I know. She’s the real character.. or maybe she’s what every woman really aspires to be.

Every woman is part Carrie, part lusty and sometimes slutty Samantha, and parts boring, mundane Charlotte and Miranda.

So for you ladies who enjoy the show.. for those of you that hate it… what’s the major draw for you? Which character made that show for you? And, be honest, who do you relate to the most. Because to me, there are very often times where I feel like I’m an alternative version of Carrie Bradshaw…. it’s a love hate thing. Hey, I’m near Hollywood maybe I can make a spin-off? Ya think?)

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