watch out craigslist…

I got a text message from my roommate yesterday that come August, her boyfriend will be moving in… she’s not going to renew the lease and I have a heads up that I need to find something else.
Yesterday, I had a bit of an anxiety attack. It’s one thing to think about and talk about wanting to find a new place.. it’s another entirely to have to start looking for one. 2 weeks in craigslist hell last time, made me think that preparing for the inevitable might be a good idea. So I posted the following ad there…

Title- Awesome people need only apply pls

Body- Are you awesome? Drama free? Female? Non drug addict? Fun.. or at least not a complete stick in the mud? Don’t have pets or at least clean up after them? Have a place open by August 1st?

I’m a 26 female with 2 jobs that wants to go home to San Diego. I’m currently in the LA area, and my lease is up as of August. I’m a workaholic and all around computer nerd.. well I aspire to be even more so. Despite that, I’m not a square, but I’m not a big partier. I’m rarely home it seems, and when I am, I clean up after myself and park it in my room or wherever my computer or video games are.

Optimally I’d like to find a centrally located place- near the trolly and bus lines (because honestly gas is too expensive right now) with a roommate who’s responsible and down to earth. I’m pretty quirky and odd, but not a complete freak. I pay my bills on time, keep common areas clean, understand common sense and have common courtesy. I even make sure I put the toilet seat down.

So what I want is simple: a female roommate (or female roommates) that cleans up after themselves.. no drugs… no drama… I wouldn’t think that what I’m asking for is much, but I’ve found that apparently it is. I’m not looking to make a new best friend or anything, however if we got along well enough it’d be a bonus.

So if you have something available, please let me know. I want to know more about you and the area that you live in and all that fun fun stuff. Here’s who I am:

Also I’m going to say this right now, because the last time I went looking for a roommate, people seemed to treat it like I was posting in a “different section” here..
I’m not looking for a bf/gf
No I will not trade sex for free rent
Chances are I don’t want to sleep with you or your gf (unless shes hot enough, then maybe I’ll take her)

And if you’re some perverted creepy psycho… only send me links to the good stuff… none of that fat girl spam or scat crap.. pun intended.

kk thnx bai

Ps- yes, this is a serious ad. I’ve just had problems before with spam/weirdos so I just wanted to cut through the bs a bit. Have a most splendid day.

and here’s the link to the actual ad. I figure that if I have to move anyway, I may as well start looking in an area I want to be in.. and most importantly.. the goal.. the New Years Resolution. The clock is ticking.. and I can’t wait to get home.

Wish me luck.. and please pass along any leads you have worth entertaining.  Thank you so much.

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