in 2 day increments

It seems that every couple of days now, something is going on in the wide world of twitter meetups. I am simply amazed how much has happened over the past 6 months with the boom of web 2.0. I adore it.. and am meeting such amazing people. The pictures were posted from the meetup in LA on the official flickr account.. once again it was such a fun time there and I can’t wait to do it again.
Here’s one of my faves of me with the most awesome Dan from the photobooth setup they had there:

We were feeling a bit silly.. perhaps it was all the drinks or at the open bar or all those scrumptious tasties there.  The switching glasses, was all Dan’s idea.. and I think the shot turned out rad because of it.  Even if I look like a school marm and he looks like the cool hey man.  And all of the shots they took look that fun too.  Seriously go check out that set and be envious you weren’t there (and come on out next time!)

Last night I was off my night job. I have a friend from San Diego who was going to be here on business that I was supposed to meet up with. He was running late, and unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch him. I did, however, get to go on a random adventure with a couple of “new” friends.. the guys from Twitter Travels.

They were extremely hospitable and drove 50 minutes out to see me to have drinks. Given that I really haven’t been out and about as much as I’d like to in LA.. and not having a car, I didn’t know where to go.  I was talking to another friend, whom I’d met through a friend of a friend (at the tweetup) and he told me about a couple of bars around him that would be open.

It was a night of random, and the guys didn’t care.  We drove up and met up at an Irish pub in culver city.  The bar had wall to wall people.  On a Tuesday night and at 11, we were a bit surprised, but not entirely, or I wasn’t.  It’s LA anyway. Steve didn’t expect that… as he’d gone there on a weekend and never seen it that packed before. I guess they have really good food there.  To be honest, I would have loved to have stayed anyway.  But we made a group decision based on the lack of seating and the lines around the bar to go somewhere else.

Mica called.  He was just heading out to LA then.. it was about 11pm or so.  We made plans to see eachother a different night this week.. tonight is actually my night off for my stocking job, but I’m thinking about going in for some extra hours.  I need all the money I can right now.

We went to this other bar not far from there.  It wasn’t empty but it wasn’t packed either.  The guys wanted beer, so they ordered a pitcher of Bud Light.  They didn’t have the few beers I actually drink on tap, so I went to order some well drinks.  It was a good night to go apparently because they were only $2.

The guys nursed their glasses (not mugs.. another reason I didn’t touch the beer) and I just got some vodka cranberries.  People that don’t know me are always surprised when they see how well I hold my lichor… well unless its that one time every 6 months where that fiasco happens… but um, 2 a year… I’m allowed I think.

It was more relaxed.  I got some actual time to sit around and talk to them.  I honestly wanted to know more about their stories… to turn the table around and interview them a bit.  I still want to know more.  I’m an information junkie.

There will be more times like this I’m sure… I’m just glad that I didn’t come home to more post its on my door… but that’s a different story (yes unfortunately there’s more on that… )  Summation?  I started a folder for pictures from events and outtings with twitter folk.  I wish my camera was more compact but I promise to whip it out more often.  Oh yeah baby.. I’m packing zee magnum.. camera that is. Hehe

3 thoughts on “in 2 day increments

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  2. Thanks for the great evening! It was awesome hanging out with you and Steve. ^.^

    Hope to do it again some time soon. 🙂

    And remember, you lean to the right. 😀


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