Hot boys are landmarks

It’s true.  This woman came into work today wanting to know where this Mexican restaurant was nearby.  My boss didn’t know where it was, but I did.

Why?  Guess.  Yes, that’s right.. honey colored skin, sense of style, smelled of nicotine and had a few moments of conversation… yum.

If I want to remember where something is in town, I just remember the hot boy that came into work.. or wherever else I ran into them.  I’m thinking about making a mashup map actually.  It may border the creepy and silly line a bit but its true.  In the greater suburbia LA area, despite there being many indie boys in my locale, there are far more posers and red herrings then genuine deliciousness.

I’m betting theres a hot boy congregation somewhere.. watch most of them be gay.  I’m on the look out.. do let me know if you know where they’re hiding.  I want to go find them to make em be the seeker.

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