Conduitary Exinstinctumplative

if things are bad, they’re still good.
if they’re good, things are still golden.

if we’re apart, its got its reasons.
if we’re together… it’s got its reasons.

the here.
the hereafter.

the in between.
the non existent.

our paths crossed for matters unknown to anything beyond the heart.

emotion is never fully defined.

and so to query an explanation as to what we have or do not have..
is to cheapen the thread.. the soul.. that resides within.

we are just to be.
whether or not we are meant to be.

Anything beyond what we are inside our raging minds
is but an exemplary notation to reach further inside of ourselves and achieve more.

never enough.
but always enough.

©Scandalous 1.6.8

An old bit of prose from earlier this year. Hope you enjoyed.  More to come of course

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