Piercings and dinner theatre extravaganza

Well, hopefully. Today was my orientation to my part time job. Woot. After months of searching, I finally landed something. It’s not anything outstanding, but it’ll help. The job hunt still continues. It’s a bit of a relief that I’m finally going to see some progress… a paycheck? Money to possibly go out with? What’s this thing you call a social life? I seem to have forgotten.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Insomnia struck again as it seems to do whenever there’s something going on. Maybe it was because my house wasn’t completely clean. Maybe it is because I knew it wouldn’t remain clean. Maybe because I was dreaming about the cupcakes I want to make tonight. (Damnit roommate and friends, I want to bake. For once, I’m actually not complaining about that one. She’s making dinner as we speak. I’ll ignore that she threw away the food I made before I left for work.)

Mmm smoothies and pretzels. It was my lunchtime snack. This is going to be great for parties actually. I am a little bit bummed though. Work was good. The people were very nice. But in my interview they didn’t mention anything wrong with my piercing. Throughout most of orientation it wasn’t mentioned either. And then the dreaded “You have to remove that when you work or cover it up.. and no clear plugs are not acceptable… because it’s still there.” That last part was annoying. Again, very nonchalant and easily brushed off.  Now they’re not just telling me I can’t have it showing and cover it up discretely, they’re telling them I can’t have it at all.

For those that don’t know, my piercing holds certain personal connection to something very traumatic that happened to me about a year and a half ago.  Taking it out is not an option for me.  Let’s just leave it there for now.

The girl who told me afterwards came closer and said she wanted to look closer at it. She’d never seen anything like it. She thought it was cool, and apologized for the policy. My dad will be happy. Pulling an R-Kelly and hiding it with a band aid will have to do I guess. Either that, or find a religion that has it as part of a custom, and suddenly become it. Watch it be the African Anteater religion or something ridiculous. Maybe I’ll make one and start my own church. Then, when they don’t accept it, sue. KIDDING!

Not to disgust anyone, but for the over a year I’ve had it, I’ve never removed it before. The balls are on so tight that I may have to take pliers to my face to get it off. This should be.. fun.

Before work, I got on the bike and went on my daily ride. This time, I’d found an ad for a dinner theatre that’s hiring nearby me. The requirements were not difficult. It’s something I’m sure I could do easily. And office experience? Awesome.

The building is under construction right now, so it’s a bit confusing to see what’s there. The offices are not very well labeled, so when I was looking for the building to apply at, I accidently entered the theatre itself. No one was there. It was lunchtime. But it was open. I walked around. Inside, everything was regal and nostalgic. I looked around for someone to tell me where to go. Again, no one. Nothing but dead silence. I took out my camera and went to snap some pictures… nightmare. For some reason, there weren’t batteries. Blah.

It made me think about back in the days when I did theatre. I haven’t been on a stage in years. It feels like only yesterday I was in school, and doing plays and musicals every season.. lead roles every time.

I was raised on theatre. It is one of the few fond memories that I have growing up of my mother. She saw my passion for the stage. I was able to see many performances over my childhood.

When I first came to California, like most everyone else here, I wanted to be an actor. I wanted people to dance on stage and sing, but not be a stripper.  I ended up a statistic.  I got pregnant and had my oldest son.  It’s a choice I wouldn’t do differently at all.  My oldest son and I have a very strong relationship.  His father poofed when he heard word of me being pregnant.  Died some years later.

I still dance and sing.  Just not on that stage.  Not like I once did.  When I was in school about 4 years ago in San Diego, people told me I should join the drama clubs.  I stepped on a stage once just looking around and lost my voice.  I’m rarely shy about anything and it’s amazing what happens with time.

It’s like that play I was in based on the book by Robert Fulghum, “Everything I Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten”  there were many questions posed about behavior to a Kindergarten class versus adults.  I wish I knew where my script was, it’s around here somewhere.

Fingers crossed though that this works out.  I applied to a position with Fox in downtown LA (Burbank more specifically) that I would love to get.  It sounds glamorous, but it’s not entirely… it’s just a grunt job.  But you’ve got to start somewhere right?

Who knows, maybe I’ll move up in the part time that I’m at now and be alright.  Or maybe I’ll get this job with the dinner theatre.  Or this other one.. or all of the above.  All I know is, I’ve had a time where I had money to burn and it was wonderful.  I want to get back to that and get back to school too.  I want more more more for myself.  I think this is why me and my ex broke up.  I wanted progression and he was fine settling.  Que sera sera

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