One more reason taxidermy seems more & more appealing

My apartment is a pet nightmare. There are currently 3 grown cats and 2 ferrets. This is a reduced number. When I first arrived, one of the cats here had kittens. At first, it wasn’t a bother. It was a nice change for me. I’d wanted to have pets but hadn’t been able to at my old apartment.

These animals though? They make me remember why I have a morbid fixation with taxidermy.

As a sidenote here, I do not condone the abuse of animals nor in hunting for sport. My interest in taxidermy is strictly for it’s artistic value. It is finding a new beauty and recreating through decay.

These are some of my problems with my roommates animals though.

I walked into my now nightmare of a bathroom again, to see a metal bowl that I use for baking (one of my most loved hobbies) as an animal water dish. Granted, it’s theoretically just a bowl. I could get another one and/or wash that one. I’m not a complete germophob. I just do not want to share that space with animals unless I’m eating said animal.

I wish this was the first time that this has happened. But there have been a few instances where I have seen dishes normally associated with people being used for the animals. (Thankfully it hasn’t been my Japanese china.. yet) I will find food dishes with animal food in the sink sometimes too. When I mention and ask about it politely, she reassures me that “the dishes I put animal food in are not the same ones we use to eat on.” Um.. no, actually not really.

I have a box of dishes I have put aside for Goodwill that she knows about. Yet, she chose that bowl to use as a water dish. Why?

One of the cats is a male and is now getting aggressive with the main female cat of the house. The female is kept in her room generally, while the male is kept separated from her.

My roommate is not home that often when I am. However I find that when I’m getting ready to head out, whatever cat is not in the bedroom will either vocalize and not stfu, and/or crave human attention to a degree of annoyance. I will literally move the cat so I can get ready and it will come back multiple times. I’m to the point where I just want the animals gone, but don’t have another roommate option, so I get forced to deal with it.

Patience wears thin. Then we go to her bathroom, which I’m forced to use if I want to shower because mine (of course) is where their litterbox and I only have a tub… to see just how disgusting it is, click here at your own risk. Yes, that’s all from her animals, which roam her room freely. She does not appear to give a… about it.

Last night I got into one of my cleaning frenzies again.  The apartment smells of them.  I can’t stand it.  The litter gets trailed everywhere.  I walk in my apartment and its the first scent. I feel like I’m in her way when I want to clean when she’s home.  I get stuck cleaning up her mess or stuck living in it.

She’s studying to be a vet. I’m not a neat freak, but she motivates me to be one. I want to save and get the hell out of here. And if one of those animals should peel over and croak, I’d be sad but not overly so.  It’d give me great pleasure to practice on one of them as my first taxidermy project. (No, I’m seriously not going to harm her animals by the way)

That said, our lease is up in August. I’m not sure if I would renew regardless if she asks me to or not. If you know of any sane people, preferrably without animals in the east side of LA or possibly even San Diego looking for a roommate, let me know.

One thought on “One more reason taxidermy seems more & more appealing

  1. Is the male cate neutered? You could be creative and make some interesting climbing objects and keep the intelligent animals entertained…Oh no, the easy solution is to move…It doesn’t take that much of an effort to clean up the “let’s make a mess of the place area.” Have fun with your new goal of taxidermy, why don’t to try it on Bushman, Rove or Cheney?

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