Depends on how you look at it

Ah the power of social media… connecting you with people you haven’t talked to in a decade.

A decade.





The funny thing is, I’m not even that old as far as social networking is conserned.  I’m only one step above the youngins.

This week, I connected with 2 people that I haven’t spoken to since Junior year.  One cousin I’ve known since she was a tot is graduating high school.  Another is now a freshman.  My younger brother?  Graduating college with his associates in 2 weeks.  Oh what have I accomplished? Ho hum.

I’m not disappointed as much as some.  However, I’ll admit, to a degree, I feel like I’m playing a bit of catch up to the crowd.  Ah you geeky Silicon Valley types… how I aspire to be more like you.  Set in careers, making careers.. reaping the benefits of the digital age and becoming microcelebrities.

I do call myself an entreprenuer.. though what my quest is, I’m not completely sure.  And, well, the more I sit here, the more I fear the future as much as I welcome it.  At 25, I’m not old.  So why do I feel like it?

Age is in your head.  Pee is your pants.

I want a smoothie.

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