The forced intro

Something witty should be abound as I grace yet again into the blogosphere.. for this, my major project.. the biggun.. the soak of time and wordage.. of thought and grace… and debauchery and bs’ing.

Well, at least I’m honest.

This is a collective consciousness of my collective subconsciousness. It’s about the things that make me go walla walla… the queries that tickle my cerebellum.. all the joys of tech and wonders I happen to be wondering. Debate. Lifecasting. Extended thought bubbles greater than ye o microblogs.

As always, a work in progress must start somewhere. While my pocketbook is thin as an anorexic awaiting in line to buy a toothbrush, and time is there for the taking, but stops for no one.. this blog will transform and expand into something that I can be more and more proud of. So for now, kick back some buttercreams and enjoy… the details of my life and ramblings may not always pretty, but they’re usually pretty entertaining.

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